Our products – meat injection needles

Do you run a food processing company? Choose ZUST Needles for professional meat injectors that will make your production even more effective. The final products will delight customers with their taste and appearance. The injection of brines and marinades of different thickness is possible with the meticulously designed meat needles structure. A wide range of products allows you to adapt the tool to the majority of machines available on the market, as well as the different types of meat. From tender fish and poultry fillets to beef, both boned and boneless, each flesh has different properties and requires specially selected sharpening tools. Choose needles that meet the requirements of your business.

Top quality for greater production efficiency

The secret to the high quality of our meat injection needles lies in the constant technological development. For the production of our tools, we use AISI316 surgical stainless steel with added titanium. Such combination guarantees extraordinary durability, flexibility and precision of work. This in turn translates into greater efficiency and efficient production – there is no need to replace the meat injector needle frequently.

We constantly increase the quality of our products, using the most advanced technologies. Thanks to the investment in electro polishing machine, we managed to create needles for commercial meat injectors with a perfectly smooth surface on the outside and inside. This structure ensures precise entry between the tissue fibers, and prevents clogging.

Types of meat injection needles

Well-fitted tools are key to effective production. We offer a wide range of meat injector needles for all types of meat and brine. There is also the possibility of individual orders tailored to a given type of production.

You can choose your product according to the type of the injection needle for different cuts of meat:

  • round tip;
  • two-edge tip;
  • three-edge tip;
  • thick brine tip;
  • hypodermic tip;
  • tenderizing knives.

Our offer includes perforated needles for liquid brines and ones with a large opening for introducing thicker marinades.

Needles matched with world-class machines

A good needle will ensure a sufficient work if it is compatible with a professional meat injector. We are equipped with many years of experience in the food industry; we know what devices are used by top companies. That is why our products are adapted to most known injectors in the industry. Such fit guarantees trouble-free usage, both on the production line and during the manual introduction of liquids.

Each meat injection needle manufactured by our company undergoes rigorous quality tests.

Check the exact parameters, such as length, diameter and hole arrangement, and adjust the needle to your commercial meat injector. Note, that we also make custom-made products suited for your purpose.

Our products are compatible with the above mentioned types of injectors and do not infringe any copyrights or patents. All our products are originally manufactured by our company and do not manifest any unfair competition.