DOR needles (dedicated to PSM injectors)

Introduce the brine or marinate with incredible precision, using our Dorit meat injection needles. A wide range of diameters and a choice of tips – round or triangular – guarantee a perfect fit for professional and commercial injectors. As a result, marinating becomes even more effective! You can select from our assortment of perforated needles, ideal for evenly distributing marinades. Note that thanks to the electro-polished surface, our products are easy to clean, so the risk of harmful bacteria growth is eliminated. Check our original parts for you from a renowned brand injector.

Dorit injectors work well in automated production in small, medium and large enterprises. Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction guarantees high work efficiency and a high level of safety. Remember that it is important to use only original parts in such devices. In our offer, you will find meat injector needles in different variants: single and double. Browse our current catalogue and order accessories that will take your business to the next level. You can also make a personalized order for a food injection needle with uncommon parameters.

No. Product name Description Drawing
1 DOR L258, D 3mm  double needle with triangular tip Dorit Needles 01 4
2   DOR L258, D4,5mm  single needle with round tip Dorit Needles 02 4
3  DOR L258, D 4,5mm single needle with triangular tip Dorit Needles 03 3
4 DOR L300, D3mm double needle  with triangular tip Dorit Needles 04 5
5  DOR L265, D4mm  double needle  Dorit Needles 05 2
6 DOR L390, D4mm single needle with triangular tip Dorit Needles 06 4