BEL needles (dedicated to MI injectors)

Discover our professional meat injection needles for CFS/Belam injectors needles that are used by manufacturers in the processing industry around the world. Original accessories guarantee continuity in production and efficient use of all resources. Our assortment includes single meat injector needles of various diameters and lengths. Match the correct parts to your appliance model. Depending on the density and type of brine, choose perforated needles designed for poultry, fish, red or white meat. Specially designed structure and polished surface ensure easy cleaning, thus preventing contamination of raw food.

CFS/Belam has been providing advanced solutions for the food industry for many years. Professional and commercial meat injectors are equipped with self-cleaning technologies that support efficient work on the production line. The simultaneous multi injections, in turn, ensures that the brine is evenly distributed throughout the muscles. Thanks to this, the meat gains tenderness and delicacy of the highest quality. Check out our Belam accessories and select the best food injection needle for you.

No. Product name Description Drawing
1  BEL  L255 single needle CFS / Belam Needles 1 4
2 BEL L268 D4mm single needle CFS / Belam Needles 2 4
3 BEL L268, D3mm single needle CFS / Belam Needles 3 4
4 BEL L332 single needle CFS / Belam Needles 4 3
5 BEL L382 single needle CFS / Belam Needles 5 3