INJS needles (dedicated to BI and IS-290-800 injectors)

Looking for ultramodern technology for your food processing business? Check what we can offer you from the huge range of parts for commercial and professional injectors. Only here you will find meat injection needles for Inject Star devices. The assortment includes single, double, triple and quadruple models. Choose the variant that best suits your needs. Varying the diameter of the tips allows you to adjust the meat injector needle to the brine thickness and hardness of the processed meat. ZUST Needles produces, among others, variants with no cap, with solid and openable head and more.

Inject Star devices are perfect for processing all types of meat, including fish and seafood. They are intended for both small and medium-sized enterprises and extensive production lines. Each commercial and professional injector is designed to best optimize the distribution of brine inside the muscles. The easy replacement of accessories also allows for trouble-free operation, eliminating downtime due to maintenance and cleaning time. Check meat injector needles are available in our offer and select the diameter and option adequate to the target type of production.

No. Product name Description Drawing
1 INJS L200 single needle, thread M10 Inject Star Needles 1
2 INJS L240 single needle, thread M10 Inject Star Needles 2
3 INJS L270 double needle

two head diameters available: 20mm & 25mm

Inject Star Needles 3
4 INJS L270 quadro needle

two head diameters available: 20mm & 25mm

Inject Star Needles 4
5 INJS L253 single needle 

no cap

Inject Star Needles 5
6 INJS L271 single needle

two versions available: solid & openable head

Inject Star Needles 6

20mm / 25mm

head 25mm /20mm Inject Star Needles 7